Summer excursion – a summer day in the countryside – a fun activity day in the countryside

Suitable as a summer excursion for children under school age, school age children and various family groups and groups from organisations.

Theme: Rural summer activities and outdoor recreation in the yard and on the shore.
Available/open: Tue–Sun, 11.00am–6.00pm (June 5rd – August 12th, 2018). The animals have Mondays off. Midsummer is reserved for lodgers.
Animal friends: Over 25 different types of animal, ”from the pig on a leash to the silky chinchilla and the garter snake.”
For groups also:  Reception event starting at the car park (must be booked in advance)

MuuMaa daily programme: The cowbell rings and calls you all to join in!

11.00am Feeding animals and morning chores
12.00pm Milking and animal programme
1.00pm Pony programme and a carriage ride
2.00pm Happenings in the yard (ask about the theme of the day)
3.00pm Hand-led horse rides
4.00 Milking and taking care of animals
5.00 Giving animals their greens

Additionally, you can take tractor tours and meet Mrs. Muu during the day.

Length of excursion: We recommend preparing for at least 3 hours.
Arrival: Options to choose from 11.00am, 1.00pm or 3.00pm (check the programme)
Dining: Soup of the day can be reserved for every group slot.

Other options in addition to animal activities:

  • Activity areas from hay jumping to swimming in oats and pirate barn
  • Fishing on the shore (life vests and fishing rods available free of charge)
  • Paddling and rowing (life vests available free of charge)
  • Swimming on the shallow shore for children
  • Nature trails in the forest (requires crossing the road) Available with groups’ own tour guides.

Other practical matters:

  • Each group’s own tour guides / adults will arrange swimming, fishing and rowing
  • Children may bring food for feeding the animals, such as dry bread, as well as clothes and footwear for various types of weather. An area is reserved for spare clothes.

Group fees for area tickets (more than 20 paid admissions) incl. programme:

€11/participant (the normal ticket price is €12.50/over 2 years)

Free admission: tour guide, bus driver, children under 2 years, also depending on the size of the group: 1 free admission / 20 paid admissions and 2 free admissions / 40 paid admissions, etc (groups of school age children: 1 free admission / 10 paid admissions)

Dining: Soup of the day (includes a drink, crispbread, and cheese)
NOTE: We are only able to take food allergies into account if we are notified in advance.

children under school age €6
school age children €7
adults €8

Coffee: coffee/juice/tea and a pastry €5 (advance reservation, separate setting for groups)

In addition to the MuuMaa café-kiosk, you can also enjoy your own picnic in the area, for example, at the gazebo, grill or on the shore.

Additional options: sauna (swimming, bath barrel), boat or paddling excursion