Groups “countryside adventure”

Group excursions for groups of children and families, “countryside adventure”

Country-themed excursions with programmes for children, young people and families, from spring to autumn. The programme is engaging and includes skills and information related to the countryside and/or animals. Premises, catering and practical arrangements are available whatever the weather.


We recommend making preliminary reservations before the end of the previous season. There is no fee for ”pencilled-in reservations” and they can be cancelled without cancellation fees.

Note. All prices are inclusive of VAT (you will receive an itemised invoice).

More details / reservations: +358-(0)40 533 8057

Join us for an excursion

Both adults and children: please wear clothes that are easy to wash. Outerwear should be taken off for the duration of the journey (both children and adults). Wear something warm and wind-resistant, layers are recommended. Footwear should be able to handle ”countriness”.

  • We recommend bringing rainwear, just in case.
  • Push chairs or carts, or sledges in the winter, are a good idea for younger ones. The terrain is rocky.
  • Money for the kiosk (= coins) should be put in a zippered pocket. Small sweets, soft drinks, ice cream and small souvenirs are available at the kiosk. Max 5 euros should be plenty. Younger school children can practice for the ”maths lesson” in advance, for example, by adding up 1e + 50c + 50c.
  • You may bring a little something for the animals, such as, vegetables, lettuce, dry bread (please make sure there is no mould). You may feed the sheep, goats, rabbits and birds but not horses, for example. They have a more regulated diet so that they stay friendly and won’t learn to nip.
  • Evening groups may bring torches, for example, for the quirky tunnel and other exciting places
  • Especially in the summer time, most of the programme premises are wheelchair accessible, for example, milking, animals’ outdoor fences, horse programmes, the shore area and dining facilities.

Arrival (instructions for tour guides and bus drivers)

Additional parking area for buses: a separate bus park is available for use during the spring and summer season. Children can be dropped off by the parking area, as there is plenty of space for the day’s excursion activities.

Coffee: MuuMaa café reserves free coffee for drivers transporting groups as well as other group leaders. Ask at reception for the times and other details.

See Google Maps and directions

Fees and invoicing

All prices are inclusive of value-added tax (VAT), which will be itemised on the invoice. Prices include admission to MuuMaa and the program of the season.


Due to the changes in the Finnish Tax Administration’s policy, services are payable upon receipt of an invoice which we will send after the visit.

After the group arrives, the group leader will be asked to fill in an invoicing questionnaire (e.g. the name and address of the payer the way they should appear on the invoice and the size of the group). Itemisation will be required for the following: children under 2, children under school age (excluding children under 2), school age children and adults. The invoicing details can also be sent by email in advance.

Please also note:

Koivuniemen Herra will invoice for reserved catering based on information available the day before the visit, but we hope to be notified of any changes +/-7 days in advance – even at the moment of departure to visit us, by calling  +358 (0)40 533 8057

Free admission (if there are over 30 paid admissions or, in the summer time, over 20 paid admissions): tour guide, bus driver, children under 2years

About summer excursion prices

The summer excursion group price list applies if there are over 20 paid admissions (incl. admission and program). If there are fewer than 20 paid admissions, the normal area pass price for the summer applies.

About spring and Christmas excursion prices

The minimum charge for groups participating in the spring and Christmas seasons is 30 people. If there are more than 30 paid admissions, the per-person price for the season applies. On the other hand, Koivuniemen Herra will invoice for catering based on information available the day before the visit. Please see above.

Practical arrangements

The programme and practical arrangements can be checked by email or by phone the week before the visit. Requests and options, allergies and diets. Your best bet is to reach us by phone very early or very late. We are only able to take food allergies into account if we are made aware of them in advance. The soup of the day is always low in lactose and it is suitable for low-lactose diets.

In terms of programme arrangements, we appreciate advance notifications of children and adults who require special attention, wheelchairs, etc.


Preliminary reservations and enquiries by phone  +358 (0)40 533 8057 or by email